Staithes of Neatishead, Irstead and Barton Turf

  • Neatishead Staithe

Regrettably because of the current situation we have not been able to hold recent meetings and events as planned.  At our last meeting in January we had a talk about some of the history of our village staithes.  A staithe is an old English word for a landing place where passengers can embark or disembark, cargoes be unloaded and boats can be moored.  There are currently four public staithes across our three villages:

Neatishead Staithe
Gay Staithe, Irstead
Irstead Staithe
Barton Turf Staithe

but we know there were at least three further staithes attached to estates or farms during the 19th century and possibly before. As part of the Broads Hidden Heritage Project we are undertaking more research into the history of all the villages’ staithes.